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DLH is dedicated to combating racism in our business, our company, and in our lives. We will match up to $5,000 in donations for each employee's charitable contributions when they donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Equal Justice Initiative, or the DLH Racial Justice Fund (all donations are split between evenly between the two organizations). Let's work together to stand for justice and equality, and invest in a brighter world for all.

Zachary Parker
Zachary Parker, President, CEO, and Board Director

DLH Racial Justice Fund

DLH has made it a focus to shine a light on the inequalities in our nation, and matters of social justice in the workplace. The DLH Racial Justice Fund allows staff to make a donation, matched dollar for dollar, that is evenly distributed to both organizations selected for matching contributions by the organization. Collectively, we can drive positive change and make a difference. Let’s do our part. Important note: When donating please ensure you select that you want to support The DLH Campaign to Support the Fight for Racial Justice under the drop-down menu.

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DLH "Back-To-School" Fund

As the summer winds to a close, school-aged children around the nation are returning to the classroom. The stakes for success could not be higher after a year-and-a-half of pandemic-disrupted learning. While many students were still able to succeed in a virtual learning environment, far too many students fell through the cracks. For those students who lack proper supplies, nutritious meals, and after-school supervision, the challenges run even deeper. For the next two weeks, DLH Cares is running a contribution drive, where we encourage donations to four non-profits throughout regions we live and work.

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DLH Military Appreciation Month Fund

Each year our nation celebrates Military Appreciation Month, an opportunity for each of us to express our thanks to Service Members and their families for all that they do each day to protect our nation’s freedom. Supporting the military community remains a core tenant of DLH’s corporate DNA. DLH Cares is running a contribution drive to encourage donations to these three non-profits. The funds raised will be used by two organizations to carry out their missions in support of Service Members and Veterans. Your donations will be matched by DLH as we demonstrate our support to these organizations.

Support DLH Military Appreciation Month Fund